Boston and Bosco

Boston and Bosco
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Boston and Bosco

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When and how the Bosco brothers met Boston Catalano forming Boston and Bosco is not fully known. What is known is that from the minute the drums start rumbling and the bass starts thumping your attention is hooked. The energy builds as the guitars arrive on the scene. Then the voice comes through making a play for your emotion with its delivery. This is how it goes at a Boston and Bosco show.

In her younger years Boston belted out Whitney and Mariah tunes before she jumped on a horse and road into the west with a guitar in hand. Though she enjoyed her wild little rebel side while she was away, she returned singing and strumming the sweet melodies of Jewel and Sheryl before fate introduced her to the male lead singers of the 80's. She owned her voice from then on.

Luke Bosco spent his early childhood defying the laws of the universe, once he conquered gravity and the speed of light, he harnessed his energy by drumming to the likes of AC/DC and The Foo Fighters. Everything about Luke from his drumming to his personality is larger than life, but don't be fooled by his cool exterior, that is just a cover up for his superhuman powers.

With lungs of a dragon and the strength of a tiger, Moon Bosco the human jukebox, grew up a piano wizard, but began ripping on the guitar when his soul could no longer deny the draw of rock music. He has been known to lull people to sleep with his nimble Korean fingers on the keys, but beware his Black Belt skills in Tae Kwon Do have been rumored to appear when you least expect.

One fateful day John Bosco picked up the bass, and laughed his infectiously wonderful, slightly maniacal, laugh... and there he decided he was going to rock whether it be by land or sea. One of the few genuine people left on earth, he smiles and his seven dimples appear, he rocks and you can see that he feels it.

Venues Played

Opener for Kashmir at Plymouth Memorial Hall